April 9, 2018Field Blog

Top Quotes From CIMC 2018

Duncan Wardle, Disney

“Corporate life tells us to look for one right answer and then we stop looking for the second.”

“The opposite of bravery is not cowardice, it’s conformity.”


Lital Moram, Unfold Media Group

“When you’re running a business based on data, the boundaries of your business begin to dissolve.”


Andrew Westlund, Westlund Group

“The best business is a business made up of people who chose to be there.”


Dario Meli, Quietly

“If you’re not looking at the data, you’re guessing. And if you’re guessing, you’re either lucky or you’re wrong.”


Oscar Roque, Interac

“Consumers not only care about the product or aesthetic of it, but what’s behind it.”


Adam Mills, Four Winds Brewing Co.

“Keep a visionary compass pointed to the future with one present in the future and in the past.”


Oli Gardner, Unbounce

“Conversion rates are dead. Use micro data instead.”


Rashel Hariri, McDonald’s Canada

“The import thing to remember with social listening is if you aren’t making a change afterward, are you really making a difference? No.”


Diana Luu, LinkedIn

“Most marketers are obsessed with new. But, most buyers want relevance.”


Cameron Uganec, Bench

“You have to make sure you’re listening to their ideas, no matter where they come from.

Any creative idea needs to be backed by consumer insight.”


Rob Khazzam, Uber Canada

“When you build a great core service, you discover opportunities that you didn’t know were initially there.”


Paula Skaper, Kinetix Media Communications

“We’re so busy jumping on the bandwagon we’re ignoring what works.”


Richard Alan Reid, Buzzfeed

“We’re not going for traffic…our main mission is to create content that is shareable.”

“Don’t interrupt the content people love, but be the content people love.”


Daniel Dubious, Airbnb

“It’s better, initially to make a small number of users really love you than a large number of audience…”