April 2, 2018Field Blog

Sneak Peek at CIMC’s Marketing Survival Guidebook

This year, CIMC is bringing more than just a few tips and tricks on how to enhance your digital marketing. We’re building a conference that will equip you with tried and true tools to survive the digital jungle.

But what does that really look like? Every CIMC ticket includes a free 40-page Marketing Survival Guide, written by industry trailblazers from Disney, HootsuiteVimeoDaily HiveVaynerMedia, and more.

This book is packed with articles on everything from how to leverage AI to get the most out of social media influencers. Here’s a snippet from Amber van Moessner, Director of Content Marketing at Vimeo, and her advice on live video.

If you make marketing content in the wild, and no one sees it, wants it, or looks for it…does it really exist? The most effective marketing content is a one-two punch of something your audience wants and can easily find—or even better, may already be looking for. Interactive live video is the easiest way to check all of these boxes: you’re interacting directly with your audience and prospects, answering their questions in real time, and you can distribute content right to the top of their social feeds, making it easily discoverable.

For many brands and marketers, resources can be scarce, no matter the size of your organization. But in the last five years, the barriers to entry for live video marketing have fallen with products like Facebook Live, Periscope, the iPhone, and the Mevo live video camera. While live video has become easier to master and more affordable, its value as a marketing tool remains unsurpassed – it is still the only channel that allows you to connect directly with your audience, create content on the fly, and drive real actionable leads.

 – Amber Van Morrison
Vimeo, Director of Content Marketing

For the full book, be sure to get your ticket to CIMC.