January 11, 2018Field Blog

New Ideas and New Perks At CIMC 2018

With so much change happening in the digital marketing space, Facebook ads, SEO, and Google search can still feel like unknown territory—no matter how many times we try figuring it out. CIMC’s goal this year is to band together with the best of the best and take on this wilderness together.

This isn’t your typical rah-rah gathering, though. We’ve hunted high and low for speakers who have shown their skills over and over in their brand’s success. This year’s CIMC is providing you a compilation of hearty survival resources.

We won’t just get you excited about digital marketing; we’ll equip you.

What’s new to CIMC this year?

Besides speakers and our new theme, we’re taking every attendee’s experience to a new level. Sponsors, like JJ Bean, will be around over the two days to make your attendance not just resourceful but more caffeinated.

CIMC 2018 will include some brand new swag, including one of the biggest takeaways yet—The 2018 Marketing Survival Handbook. This compact book will be a free takeaway with practical advice, articles, and resources from CIMC speakers.

To get the most out of the two days, CIMC is also offering a wild VIP Experience. You’ll get the chance for some close networking with our speakers over cocktails and yacht lunches at VIP parties. You’ll also get perks like a helicopter ride at the conference and reserved seating and parking for the entire two days. Check out all the VIP details here.

What do you need to pack before?

The most important thing for anyone even thinking of coming to CIMC 2018 is to take a look at our new prices. Committing early definitely has its perks this year with Early Bird tickets significantly lower than ever before. Buying before midnight on February 17 will save you a few hundred dollars and a game plan for your April!

All attendees will receive the need-to-know information on travel, lodging, and conference details so you can plan accordingly. You can also watch our Schedule Page and social media channels for speaker info and conference updates.

We’re setting up camp and getting ready for the best CIMC experience to date. Be sure to check out our ticket info. See on the trail.