Have you led a brand through uncharted territory?
It’s about time you’re recognized.

On April 6, we’re honouring the brave and the talented. Social media directors, designers, web designers, writers, CMOs, creative directors, PR directors, digital strategists — whatever your title, we’re inviting you to submit your most creative and innovative work. Your submission will be judged by an elite panel of adjudicators and the winners will be announced live at CIMC 2018.

Submission Deadline – March 23, 2018
It takes 15–30 minutes to apply
No application fee

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Influencer/Talent Marketing

The use of a celebrity or influencer in a PR campaign, associating the influencer with a product or service in order reach a target demographic, or establish trust between the target demographic and the product or service.

Community Building

A social activity campaign, led by PR, used to rally an online community, enhance brand affinity, and/or effect a change in attitude towards a brand among its consumer base online. Entrants should identify how the campaign was built, how it listened and responded to its target audience, and how it leveraged a creative idea to build a brand’s online community.

Integrated Campaign Led by PR

A PR-led campaign that appeared across at least three different types of media. Entries will be evaluated based on how successfully their PR-driven efforts communicated a client or brand’s message, and the effectiveness of the campaign among its intended audience.


Best Use of Social Media

Any campaign designed to leverage social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to achieve a marketer’s goals.

Creative Use of Technology

A digital advertising execution that uses available technology in a way that the jury hasn’t seen before, or the development of a new technology for use by a brand in its advertising campaign. May include the use of 3D printing, wearables, interactive screens or apps, etc.

Online Film Campaign

A video campaign that was shot specifically for online distribution, including mobile. May include video uploaded to social networking sites (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) by marketers or agencies.

Integrated Web Campaign

Any campaign conducted entirely in online media. The entry must have three or more online elements for the same concept. May include a film plus a microsite, display advertising, email execution or email campaign, etc. Entrants must submit an overview of the campaign describing its various elements and its intent.

Best Website Design/UX

Successful marketing depends on creating great user experiences. Your users are your customers and understanding their needs is essential to selling your product. This award recognizes user experiences tied to e-commerce, customer experience, campaigns, contests, and/or other solutions designed to connect customers to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Best in Augmented/Virtual Reality

A marketing execution utilizing augmented or virtual reality technology, including headsets, apps, mobile executions, etc.

Best Use of Digital Ads

True view, retargeting, Google, Snapchat, Yahoo and Bing search, Native programmatic, Instagram and Facebook ads—tell us how you ran a campaign that outshone all the others.

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