Lace Up Your Boots

You’ve probably seen the ads, the clickbait, and the hacks. As the digital landscape constantly changes, everyone has a new and exciting way to generate audience growth. But what methods really work?

This year, we’re inviting 40 of North America’s pioneers in digital marketing to help Canadian businesses make sense of the digital landscape. This will include tactics and practices leading brands use to survive in the marketing wilderness.

This is your 2018 Marketing Survival Guide.

Event Producers

Agency Media is dead-set on helping clients—large and small—generate marketing results. They specialize in video creation and distribution, understanding that a corporate video, 30-second commercial, 6-second clip is only as useful as the eyes it gets in front of. Agency Media keeps a close watch on the ever-changing digital terrain and works with clients to produce video campaigns tailor-made for digital platforms.

The Westlund Group is a collection of diverse organizations who are passionate about seeing Canadian businesses grow. This group is serious about setting big goals, pushing the boundaries of business, and investing back into each other.