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The Revolution Will Be Caffeinated

CIMC - Coffee

When you think about it, how else would you start a digital marketing event than with a cup of coffee, and who better to deliver it to you than a local company dedicated to raising social awareness?

Coffee is undoubtedly the elixir of the gods with a history as deep and vaunted as, well, a brimming cup of Ethical Bean. It creates focus and acuity – a fierce firing of the synapses – that has been sparking lively discussion and fuelling progressive movements since its discovery. Need I say more? We’re hooked.

Listening to them tell it, fairly shortly on you’ll realize that the folks at Ethical Bean Coffee are more than hopped up on caffeine. And if the featured photos in their boardroom of some of the children they’ve helped sponsor are any indication, they take their impact seriously.

In 2002 when they started the company, founders Kim Schachte and Lloyd Bernhardt took a look around Vancouver’s coffee landscape and saw a dearth of socially committed companies. Sure, you could purchase Fairtrade Certified Organic coffee, but it was a fringe cause. No local company – and very few internationally – were promoting it exclusively. Their desire was to create a company that would prove leading with the heart would not only make good social sense, but would make good business sense too. In the days before B Corp, this was a disruptive idea.

CIMC - Coffee Picker

Since then, the company has expanded exponentially, supplying grocery stores across Canada and the US, with reach into Asia. Ethical Bean’s lineup of whole bean, ground, and fully compostable coffee pods – sourced and perfected by Canada’s first Q-grader, a certified coffee supertaster – are available in your local grocery store or online at

 At CIMC, Ethical Bean Coffee hopes to help inspire your marketing revolution.  

Ethical Bean Coffee is the official #CIMC2017 coffee sponsor and will be fuelling our conference with their Lush Medium Dark Roast beans.