March 6, 2018

Kristina Arriaga

Throughout her career, Kristina has dealt with contentious societal issues associated with gender, religion and race. In each case, she has been able to create successful communications campaigns, managing to persuade the courts of public opinion. In 2016 her expertise in creating these campaigns was critically acclaimed by Time magazine which stated her team had: “mastered plain English press releases and media-savvy optics” and the Washington, D.C.-based Newseum awarded her a 2017 Freedom of Expression Award.

Kristina Arriaga is an award-winning international human and civil rights advocate. Her clients and causes include Cuban political prisoners, survivors of female genital mutilation, and religious conscientious objectors in the United States and abroad. She was an Advisor to the United States delegation at the United Nations Human Rights Commission, appointed to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and, in 2016, appointed by Congress to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom where she serves as the Vice Chairwoman.