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Online Classifieds for Marketing Small Business

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For many small businesses, when money gets tight, marketing is often the first line item on the budget to get cut. But as you know, removing your company’s marketing is counterintuitive to growing your business.

Bootstrap marketing tips are plentiful, but an often overlooked tactic is using free online classifieds such as provides city-specific sites across Canada for small business to find customers in their local area. Listing a business service, merchandise or events  is easy and free.


Benefits of Online Classified Marketing

Classifieds have the pageviews! In BC alone, generates more than forty million monthly pageviews and each user views an average of ten pages per session.

UsedInfographicFind new customers in your neighbourhood! Classifieds are targeted to specific cities or regions, so you can connect with locals already online and ready to buy.

Reap the SEO benefits! Do your own link-building by posting on classifieds with links back to your company website.

Feel the social media love! Connect with a community coordinator and will follow your business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and give your business a shout out to their 35,000+ followers.

Collaborate on your next event! works with community groups and businesses to promote local events through partnerships and sponsorship packages.

Measure your reach! Not only can you track the number of emails and phone calls you receive from your advertisement in online classifieds, most will show you how many times your ad has been browsed (visible in the list of search results) or viewed (clicks to your full ad).



Tips for placing your business listings on any online classified

Set up a profile for your business: Create a full profile on the site with links and a logo or images for your company. Users can view your profile on the site.

Provide links to your website: People like to do their research, so make it easy by including a link to your website with more information about your company.

Use photos in your ads: Provide samples of your work. For example, if you provide lawn care services, provide at least one quality photo of a manicured yard that you care for.

Select the best category for your product or service: Explore the category choices for your product or service and pick the one where the most customers would find you.


Next steps: Paid options

There are inexpensive paid options to get your online classified listings seen by more people.

AdBoosters: On, you can boost your ad to the top of a category’s chronological listing and highlight it in a different colour for thirty days. This makes your ad stand out in a crowd.

Self-Serve Options: Most classifieds will allow you to promote your ad to the top of a page and make it sticky for a week or longer.

Display advertising: offers attractive CPM rates and interest-based targeting options. People browsing are already on the path to purchase – it’s an inexpensive way to market your brand to an interested audience.


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